Saturday, June 18, 2011

kitty family tree grows

Birdie Num Num ("The Party" 1968)
aka Biscuit
this is Tootsie's brother
this photo was taken last year
one Sunday morning
my John heard him mewing
he was inside a bush
John had to get a ladder
and rescue him

when I introduced Tootsie last April
I didn't know she was in the family way
on April 24, 2011
I fed and watered her
noticed she looked uncomfortable
next thing you know
a kitten's coming out!
she gave birth to 5 kittens
in our cat house outside

Devendra 'Dev' Alahan
named after my favorite character
on Coronation Street

what's a 'runt'?

bib on and ready to eat

no bib

named after Alex Trebek's (JEOPARDY!) favorite 'Stooge'

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