Sunday, May 19, 2013

did you miss us?

our Dicky's mug was shown on tv 
with this mug I won

he disappeared
along with his brother Basil
his sister Royston
and his mother Onslow
Onslow's brother Hogarth
and sister Albert disappeared too
their sister Dev still lives here
with her daughter Clodagh
Clodagh's brothers Alastair and Silas disappeared
Chowderhead, Fatty Melt and Biscuit 
disappeared long ago
Tootsie still visits 
and dines here
her daughter Fiz lives here
Fiz's brother Groucho disappeared

it's been a year ago today 
since I posted on this blog
I still visit you

by the way
my John took 4th place 
in the guitar challenge 
from my last post
a belated thank you
to those who voted for him

Tootsie's kittens Fiz and Groucho
hanging out with 
Dev's kittens Silas, Alistair and Clodagh

from all of us