Sunday, May 19, 2013

did you miss us?

our Dicky's mug was shown on tv 
with this mug I won

he disappeared
along with his brother Basil
his sister Royston
and his mother Onslow
Onslow's brother Hogarth
and sister Albert disappeared too
their sister Dev still lives here
with her daughter Clodagh
Clodagh's brothers Alastair and Silas disappeared
Chowderhead, Fatty Melt and Biscuit 
disappeared long ago
Tootsie still visits 
and dines here
her daughter Fiz lives here
Fiz's brother Groucho disappeared

it's been a year ago today 
since I posted on this blog
I still visit you

by the way
my John took 4th place 
in the guitar challenge 
from my last post
a belated thank you
to those who voted for him

Tootsie's kittens Fiz and Groucho
hanging out with 
Dev's kittens Silas, Alistair and Clodagh

from all of us


Paula said...

You like cats, NO? You remind me of my youngest daughter. You bet your boots I missed you and noticed you've been gone. Hope everything is okay. Congrats to your hubby.

Have Myelin? said...

Yep, I noticed you were not around! When I think of cats, I think of you. :)

I hope to hear more...

sunset said...

amazing you could keep track of all the cats Lisa! Congrats to your husband; I know he does great work on making guitars!! Did wonder where you were at. I'm not really blogging these days, all's well, just taking a LONG break. Do enjoy summer!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Love me some kitties ! Great to se you post!


Linda's World said...

Cute, cute & cute! Miss having a kitty around the house. :)

Woody said...

We sure miss our old cat "Herminie" !!

Jon said...

What a sweet photo! Somehow coffee always tastes better after a kitty is dipped in it.
I'm presently taking care of the twelve cats that my neighbor abandoned when she moved. One of them had kittens.
.....I see a nervous breakdown on the horizon.....

Gerry said...

Sounds like you have been busy with your cat family. Reminds of when my daughter and I were dealing with Lady Bob tail and her kittens that turned into cats and had kittens, including Stubbie Tail and Long Tail who was the most intelligent and would take Stubbie's kittens and move them, as though she did not have sense enough to. It was funny and we were very poor so we left leaving no forwarding address as we thought people might take them if we weren't there because they had manx in them. But it was very nerve wracking and after that my daughter did not look for stay cats to look after. Lady Bob Lady had already moved on as her kittens and their kittens were driving her nuts, too. Glad to hear from you!

jack69 said...

Sweet. and congratulations to John on placing 4th.
From NC, 99HUGS))