Saturday, May 19, 2012

Motor_City_Tele 2012 TDPRI Challenge

my John built this Stained Glass Esquire

this young lad's father

bought two of my John's guitars

one for his son and one for himself      

please, vote for



voting ends May 24th

thank you!


you can check out

my John's thread

while you're there

if, you want to

see how this

musical piece of art

was created!


Paula said...

wow! You've got a talented husbnd there.

v and e said...

You are a good wife to such a nice thing for your husband.

That corgi :) said...

I can't believe its time to vote again Lisa! this time is going way to fast! Will do!

Great looking guitar! John is very talented indeed!!


Woody said...

Some nice work there! Really Awsome !!!


Have Myelin? said...

BEAUTIFUL work! Wow!!! I am impressed!!!

Lucy said...

Sometimes I wish I had XP back. This can be a real pain as far as e-mail. You do have some pretty kitty's. How many do you have? I will echo Paula, talented husband!! If you haven't joined my list of bloggers, you are sure welcome to. Thank you for your wishes for Spunky. Everything is against him, age,only 10 but he has arthritis in his legs and hips plus he has cushing's disease. Lumps and bumps