Monday, February 27, 2012

we're grown!

New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
have all come and gone

Tootie's kittens will
turn 45 weeks old
this coming Sunday

these photos were taken November 2011

named after a little lemur
from the tv show
Lemur Street
he'll definitely steal your heart

Devendra Alahan/Dev/Devilicious/Devastator
even though she was named
after a man
from our favorite show
Coronation Street
she's a girl

named after my
favorite character
from the British comedy
Keeping Up Appearances
she's a girl, though
(oh, nice)

I don't have a recent photo of Albert(a)
I called her Albert
(from the tv show, Fat Albert)
before I checked to see
she's a girl
I don't think she minds
she'd park her lil tush
in our flower box
I'd say, hey...hey..hey
telling her to move
she looks like Onslow
without the white markings
I'll make sure
she gets top billing
next time

the kitten we called Shemp
in an earlier post
hasn't been seen by us
since not too long
after they were born
Shemp's the one
who looks most like
their mother, Tootsie
I hope someone
gave that kitten
a safe home

Biscuit/Birdie Num Num
hasn't been hanging around lately
I hope he's alright


Paula said...

Awww its about time you posted their sweet little faces. I can tell you don't like cats, huh?

garnett109 said...

You've got cats, I've got mice!

Woody said...

Our ole girl was with us 18 years, her name was Herminie Ginggold, she was a great pet.we had her 5 years before she ever went outside and then she discovered the bird feeder and field mice and meadow moles.
Still miss her.

Lisa said...

So beautiful.

That corgi :) said...

They are so cute, Lisa! I like the names you chose for them too! Very unique and different and special to you in one way or another! Onslow's my favorite of the bunch!


Gerry said...

I finally got over here to see the cats. I like the looks of them. They look like an interesting nice cat family to have around. I remember when a Manx cat we called Grey Bob Lady just showed up to our house. She gave birth to a most interesting family, Long Tail who was the smartest, and Stubby who allowed her sister to dominate her. Finally Gray Bob Lady got tired of her family and moved on.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Beautiful kitties - Hogarth has the same chest coat as Possum.