Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween 2011 pumpkin carvings

this post by my John

Halloween in the D
It's devil's night in the D. and anyone who grew up in the Detroit area knows that up here, we take halloween very seriously. I thought I would share a couple of this year's jack-o-lanterns that I just finished carving. In typical fashion, it all starts with a plan.

First, you find a decent image and due a little photoshop magic to convert it into a posterized image with three levels of grey. I did this with the old glory caster back in the challenge, but used 5 levels of grey. Then, the paper image is taped to the gourd.

Using my handy dandy little roller pokey thingy, I trace all of the edges of the pattern transferring the image to the pumpkin.

Remove the pattern and take a peek. Make sure everything is traced because putting the pattern back on isn't an option.

Now, take a sharpie and darken the lines. A sharpie works great and doesn't wear away with all the pumpkin juice that accumulates.

Gut the pumpkin next. save the seeds. they are gold.

Now, with cheapo saw tools and a cheapo wood carving tool, cut out the voids where the lightest color is and remove the peel from the middle grey areas.

clean up the surfaces of the greys with a broader faced chisel.

Drop in a candle and shut off the lights. Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Anyone know this guy? He was a Detroit TV icon in the 70's.


Gerry said...

That is clever, fantastic. Pumpkin art to the max!

Paula said...

Neat, looks like you have a lot of patience.

That corgi :) said...

That is a lot of hard work, Lisa! Your hubby is so talented and patient to carve these so well!! Thanks John for showing us your work!

Happy Thanksgivng you two!


Forty Pound Sack said...

Wow, those are great!

Ernie says, Salem, does you wants to eat turkey wiz me? nom nom nom

Have Myelin? said...

You made it look sooooo easy, I wonder if I'd get confused with the dark and light shades lol....


Missie said...

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