Saturday, September 24, 2011

I has a belated birfday post

Sunday was my birthday
Monday was my John's birthday

we went to the
Yankee Air Museum

our first visit
I bought him a B-24 Liberator cap
I got a shot glass that says
Some Landings Are Better Than Others

we ate dinner
at Mexican Fiesta

we celebrated with
caramel apple cupcakes from
Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory & Sweets Shoppe

it was a beautiful day Sunday
it rained Monday
but, that's alright
we share


Jon said...

Happy belated birthday to both of you! I want some of those caramel apple cupcakes.
(one of my uncles and his wife were born on the same day - and it's on Halloween. I think that's kinda weird.....)

Paula said...

Glad you both had such a nice birthday. I'm wishing you both many many more.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Mom and John!

Melissa, Darren, Ireland, Evan, and Connor :-)

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday to you and John, Lisa!! Sounded like you guys had a great birthday time celebrating it together! Those caramel apple cupcakes sound divine! I bet they tasted good!


Trisha said...

Happy Birfday Mama! I love the little kitty picture and glad you two had good birthdays :D Caramel apple cupcakes sound awesome.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Happy Birthday!! Love, Ernie ~

v and e said...

i dont know how this works but many more happy birthdays love dad mom and amber

Have Myelin? said...

i'm very late lol but did you know that alex and me, our birthdays are a day apart too. =0

so happy VERY belated birthday!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Happy Birthday to both of you Lisa!


garnett109 said...

happy belated b-day

Gerry said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration. It appeals to me.