Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alexander The Great

last Saturday we went to a local restaurant called

Alexander The Great

menu says

Welcome to Alexander THE GREAT


SINCE 1977

I went there with my folks when I was younger

it was the first time for my John

back then we used to get the special

ribs for two

John and I don't do pork, anymore

so, we both got the chicken and cod

you pick the chicken, BBQ or broasted

with our golden-battered Icelandic cod

we tried both types of chicken

each selection served with our thick-sliced garlic bread

your choice of the house salad or creamy coleslaw

and your choice of potato

I had a baked potato and salad

John had french fries and coleslaw

ultimate sampler ~ wings, jalapeno poppers, cheesesticks and pickles <---shared

have you ever tried a fried pickle?

dill pickles ~ breaded and fried ~ very interesting!

they also do a dinner/movie thingy with a nearby cinema

a bit from their menu ~

...In 1977, Tom and Paulina Tomich began to share Alexander's secret with the world. In the words of Alexander himself, "To lead armies of men, you must first feed armies of men."...

ends with ~

*This is a story based on true facts; however, it has been altered and exagerated for your enjoyment.



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garnett109 said...

Love those deep fried pickles!