Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alice Cooper pumpkin

my John carved this work of art

Alice Cooper should be Inducted
To whom should I direct further questions about the induction process?
All aspects of the induction process are handled by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.
It can be reached at:
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation 1290 Avenue of the Americas Second Floor New York, NY 10104


a corgi said...

very talented he is to carve that!

honestly, I don't think I know of any Alice Cooper songs (but I have heard of him LOL); I tend to like softer rock, say the Eagles, from that time period

enjoy Saturday :)


garnett109 said...

Great stuff thanks for sharing!

DB said...

That's an excellent carving job. I'm not a Cooper fan but it does look just like him. DB - The Vagabond

Paula said...

Your John did a great job.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like it....Alice Cooper fits the Halloween theme well.


pam said...

Hey. thanks for the comment. Brilliant carving. I love It. Love Pam xx

Lisa said...

That is awesome! Are you serious that is a carved, someone has talent.

Never thought about it before but he would be a good candidate for the RR hall of fame.

Gaboatman said...

Wow! John did a great job carving that pumpk. Did you know that Alice Cooper is an excelent golfer too?

Eloise Haunts said...
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