Wednesday, May 5, 2010

guitar contest update

you can vote in all three catagories from this link
you have to register and sign in to vote
not bad, really
if you do
my John will really appreciate the effort
if, you click on his link there
you can see how he built his guitar
from start to finish


That corgi :) said...

okay, I must be really slow with this, but I got onto that link and I registered to be a member there, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to vote. can you email me and guide me through it. Is there a "vote here" button or something that I am not seeing? I did get into your hubby's site where it shows his guitar and info on making it, but I'm not sure how to vote. I'll also have my hubby take a look and vote for your hubby too



salemslot9 said...

you're not slow at all, Betty

here are the individual links in the order you may encounter them and have to click on after signing in

Build Challenge Sub-Forum

VOTE for the OVERALL WINNER "2010 $210 Tele Build Challenge" Choose ONE

VOTE for the MOST INNOVATIVE WINNER "2010 $210 Tele Build Challenge" Choose ONE

VOTE for the BEST LOOKING WINNER "2010 $210 Tele Build Challenge" Choose ONE

hope this helps

thank you

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary, albeit belated. How'd he make out in the contest? I'm slow getting round to blogs ...