Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peter Frampton - PBS Soundstage - 08 - Black Hole Sun

Salemslot9 Saturday Song

wish it was louder
hook up the extra speakers

this would be a good song
for those who'll be watching
the solar eclipse tomorrow
it's a song originally by Soundgarden

my John and I saw Framptom perform
at the 'temporary' MGM Grand Casino
in Detroit a few years ago
they set up a huge tent outside
folding chairs
it was cool seeing him so close
hot fun in the summertime
we each used mini fans
our Trish gave us
they were a life saver

I still have a poster of Frampton
that used to hang in my room
at my folks house
it's framed, now


garnett109 said...

black hole sun is awesome thanks

That corgi :) said...

didn't know there was a solar eclipse tomorrow.....

enjoyed this.

my very first concert (I think in 1976) was Peter Frampton, Yes, Gary Weaver and one other group, can't remember their name now, but it was an outdoor concert at a football type stadium. The group I can't remember played first, then Gary Weaver, then Peter Frampton and finally Yes. It was an all day concert and I got terribly sunburned LOL. But loved the concert and Peter Frampton and his hair!! hard to imagine he ever had long flowing curly hair these days, isn't it? Funny, there are lots of Native American run casinos where I live and they have entertainment come in. I saw that Peter Frampton and Yes were going to be performing (it might have been last night now that I think about it) together. I said to hubby maybe we should go to come full circle seeing them after so many years (but obviously we didn't go)

great song! enjoying your songs Lisa :)


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I forgot all about the eclipse tonight, Hugs Lisa

Anonymous said...

Song is still in my head. :-)

Lisa said...

Hey Lisa , are you on Facebook ????? If so friend me I am on there under Lisa Del Fante, thank you for your prayers for my friends too, Hugs Lisa

Have Myelin? said...

i missed the solar eclipse. =(

my first concert was jethro tull. my second one was alice cooper. my third one was the monkees, my, my, my, did my tastes change lol.

nice song choice!