Monday, September 6, 2010

Eddie Rabbitt "Driving My Life Away" LIVE in Branson

Salemslot9 Labor Day Special

this song popped into my head this weekend

my Dad was a truck driver
I think he probably liked this song

truck driver love song


Eddie Rabbitt died in 1998
at the age of 56
of lung cancer


Paula said...

Love that country music. I like to go to the little store in the next town over because they play good country music over the loud speaker. If I'm down an isle and there is no one around I can't resist dancing a little but you won't tell anyone?

That corgi :) said...

always enjoyed his music; I was sad when I heard he died, so young! I hope you and yours had a nice Labor Day, Lisa :)


Have Myelin? said...

OOooo, I love Eddie Rabbit.

Can't dance though. LOL.