Thursday, May 5, 2011

please, vote for my John's guitar!

2011 TDPRI Build Challenge
vote for motor_city_tele
voting starts today
check out John's thread
to see how he built this guitar

Here are the links to vote.
the polls will be open for 5 days

This first one is the link to register first – voting is only open to registered members.

This is a link to the rules & pictures and videos of each entrant.

These are the individual polls themselves. No pictures or anything – just the list of names and the actual ballot.

thank you!


Paula said...

wow its beautiful!

Have Myelin? said...

wow, i don't know what to say. it's stunning.

Linda's World said...


That corgi :) said...

it is a great looking guitar Lisa! Which link is actually his to vote for? I remember doing this last year!! good luck to him; let me know which link so I can vote for him!


Jon said...

It's fantastic! He's got my vote.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like it Lisa !


Gerry said...

Beautiful guitar. I will be voting some time today. I will try to get on there from Doc's computer for him to vote, too. He knows you as a long time commenter on his stuff. He's not computer savvy, so I will need to do it for him down on his computer. I think your John certainly deserves the vote.

Woody said...

Nice !