Friday, March 13, 2015

our favorite barn

this is our favorite barn
we see it on our road trip
to my John's folks lake haus
I told him he should take a photo
before it falls down


Jon said...

Wow, that barn is probably older than I am. It has a lot of character and charm (like me??)

betty said...

That is a cool looking barn! Glad you guys got pictures of it and that you shared them with us :)


Paula said...

What a beautiful old barn in all it's glory.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Love it. There's just something about old barns!


Gerry said...

Hi, glad to see an old barn. Finally recovering from ordeal. Appreciated your thoughtfulness so much.

jack69 said...

It is easy to see why one would love it. A symbol of life, strength and character. Love it. BArns are like a magnet to me. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

Very neat pictures! The barn in the snow gives me an old-fashioned Christmas feeling :)