Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Irish Hills Towers

we visited these beauties
 on our way to the lake haus
they were built in 1924
they were 50 feet high
before the tops were removed
to help keep out the weather
first photo is front
second photo is back
my step-father went to the top 50 years ago
they have been closed since 2000
we'd love to see them restored
and go to the top
and view the many lakes
please, don't tear them down


betty said...

I agree; I hope they don't tear them down; would be fascinating to see in person!


Jon said...

Treasures like this should definitely be preserved. Hopefully it won't be demolished.


They're trying to take down all the good, historical buildings... Just like Eloise. Somebody needs to come save them!

jack69 said...

I smiled. It is good to remember the past 'High Entertainment' that is not appreciated today. We just passed the citrus tower here near Clermont, FL that years ago I climbed to see all the citrus groves. Now it mostly over views housing, but I would hate for it not to be there...
I understand the sentiment!!!

I love the rugged looks of the towers...

Paula said...

Hi Lisa: Where has the time gone? I too hope they don't tear them down. Nice to see something from you. Take care.

Woody said...

Hope everything is still going OK !!!