Saturday, December 29, 2007

even though I could've been nicer this year

feel free to let me know what Santa brought you, too

a homemade card:

"time is running short...

money's running tight...

so I am giving you a Santa Poo(h) tonight"

(includes lil stuffed Santa Winnie The Pooh) <---------from Trisha & Kittiepie

"John Lennon Acoustic" cd

Johnny Cash dvd

Martha Stewart mattress pad

O Cedar dish mop

nuts~beef sticks~cheese

homemade cookies

Reeses peanut butter tree

nail polish (includes manicures)

Christmas cards


"Amazon" Santa brought me

John Lennon: The New York Years [Hardcover]  by Bob Gruen


"ebay" Santa is sending me

John Lennon 2008 calendar!



garnett109 said...

My main 2 presents are my favorites, 4 boxes of earl gray tea and Peanuts
3 dvds Iwanted a warm shirt I've been wanting, lounging pants a wool blanket, candy, and a bag of coal bubble gum, stetson colongeand a can of axe, but the best of all is the greatest gift i'm alive another year with my debbie!

eloisehaunts said...

I gave you that card!

and noodlepants helped :)

and garrnets [sp?] last few words were nice :)

acoward15 said...

Happy New Year!

mariealicejoan said...

Hewy Lisa, I can tell you are a John Lennon fan!  Have you seen the movie about his life story?  I think they showed it on True Movies.  It was really good.  I got an ipod shuffle for Christmas which I am trying hard to figure out.  Every time I add new music to it I seem to erase the old for some odd reason.  It's driving me up the wall

carolhehe said...

I got 3 bottles of wine, one bottle of vintage Tequila. A Red and black plaid gangster jacket, you know with a hood. Betty Boop socks, Betty Boop Sweatshirt, A windup flashlight, lotion and soap. Is someone trying to tell me something?? Swisher Sweet cigars and a DVD called, The Indaian with Anthony Hopkins in it.