Sunday, December 2, 2007



The Matlock Theme song was written by: Dick De Benedictis specifically for the T.V. series. Click below to hear the song.

Theme Song

I like "Matlock".

My Dad told me that he liked this show.

A long time ago.

Now I watch the reruns.

It came on at 3am today.

Andy Griffith plays a lawyer.

Let me know if you're a fan, too.

I always want to see if he eats a hot dog..."all the way"

TV ACRES: Character Bios > Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock (Matlock)

"Matlock" (1986)




garnett109 said...

At his age It will kill him! LOL!

ally123130585918 said...

Have never seen the programme ~ but will look out for it ~ Ally x

acoward15 said...

He would have to actually eat a dog to get my interest!

eloisehaunts said...

The last hot dog I ate was bad. :( Haven't had another one in a few...

carolhehe said...

Sorry I am not a fan of matlock, never was. Do you think he should have a hot dog like Tellie Silvalis had a lolipop? LOL