Sunday, February 17, 2008

 older picture of Daly's        

One of the last remaining drive-ins in the area, Daly is as much a part of our collective history as it is a great place to eat. The Livonia Daly still has curb service, complete with the speaker box menus to place an order from the comfort of your car. They also have a cozy dining room, which you may prefer especially if you want the salad bar. Nothing compares to a Dalydog or a Dalyburger (we’re huge fans of the special sauce). The fries rate and the shakes and malts are miles beyond what passes for a shake on the drag these days. They have a large family menu and have added to it plenty of soups and salads. Lunch, dinner or just an ice cream dessert—you gotta try this place at least once. If you’re old enough to remember carhops, you’re probably already a Daly aficionado..



last night, my John suggested going to Daly's

I've never been there, but his older sister used to

bring home Daly burgers when he was younger

they lived close to the same one we went to

I had a DALYBURGER (sandwich)

topped with our special Daly sauce, making it the best quarter-pounder around since 1948!


John had a SUPER DALYBURGER (plate)

a 1/3 pound version of our famous Dalyburger, proving that bigger is better

plates include french fries and cole slaw

*if you're fussy about your cole slaw, try ours


DALY-MAID VEGETABLE SOUP (bowl) <--- saved for next day

thick, deliciously seasoned and chock full of zesty vegetables-healthful and delicious

the Daly sauce looks and tastes like ketchup, relish and chopped onions mixed together

I remember going to A&W with my Dad

it was a treat back then

to have them bring your food out toyou

and eat in your vehicle

they would use those trays

that hooked onto your window

I would open up his van's glove box

and rest my drink on it

seems to me there was even an outline

of a circle there for that purpose

have you ever eaten at a drive-in? (curb service)

what do you like on your burger?



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ally123130585918 said...

Lisa I have never eaten at a drive in unless you include McDonalds ~ where I have been many times ~ but you have to fetch it yourself ~ would be nice to be served from your car window ~ Ally x