Sunday, February 24, 2008

Westland Family Dining

menu says

"Cookin' For You"

American, Italian, Greek & Mexican Cuisine

last night, we tried out a new restaurant in our city

I had the breaded veal cutlets (2) served with brown gravy <--- saved one for today

mashed potatoes

mixed vegetable (corn, peas & carrots)

lemon chicken rice soup

my John had the country fried steak with beef gravy

mashed potatoes

mixed vegetables (corn, peas & carrots)

chili <--- saved for today

potato skins

salad <--- leftovers

2 slices bread <--- saved for today

I remember going to a local restaurant called "Leright's"

years ago with my Dad

he ordered the veal cutlets

so I did, too

we both had a beer

even though it was a family restaurant

he would joke about how other people were thinking

who does that guy think he is with that young lady?

Leright's is gone

and so is my Dad...





ally123130585918 said...

Lisa that menu sounded delicious ~ made me feel really hungry ~ Ally x

garnett109 said...

brown gravy with breaded veal cutlets?