Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday #3's

On your journal or on mine write 3 words
that describe how you feel or what's going on.

Written by garnett109

Cooked Outdoors Today



"Chef Perch"



Saturday was the first day this year that my John cooked outdoors

grilled...barbequed...whatever you want to call it

he uses a Weber grill, charcoal, and a charcoal starter

he cooked porterhouse steaks with Justin Wilson steak sauce

ocean perch fillets with fresh lemon slices

and baked potatoes

he did a very good job!

do you like to cook outside?






libragem007 said...

Saturday 3's

today- Sunday- Church

it's warm weather here lately that I've barbequed a couple times already.

Gem :-)

ally123130585918 said...

sounds delicious ~ be glad when it is warm enough to have a BBQ here ~ Ally x

garnett109 said...

good for you
had a great day here yesterday but got heat sick to much sun it was 85 here