Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Steve's Family Dining



we saw this place in an advertisement

that we got in the mail

it's located in the next city

sooo, last Saturday...

we ordered chicken dumpling soup

homemade gnocchi with meat sauce

homemade pierogi : 2 cheese, 2 potato, 2 kraut

(fried or boiled) ~ we chose fried

served with sour cream

stuffed cabbage with real mashed potatoes and vegetables

potato pancakes

served with sour cream and applesauce

fresh rye bread and butter

we shared everything!

plenty of leftovers, too

restaurant was full

we enjoyed it very much

do you ever order Polish food

when you go out?

do you ever make Polish food at home?


garnett109 said...

eat it out and at home, we live in pa. alot of poles here

ally123130585918 said...

I have never tried polish food ~ but what you describe sounds delicious ~ there I go again leaving your journal and feeling very hungry  :o)  ~ Ally x

libragem007 said...

no, I've never have Polish food before. Not sure when, but it would be interesting to try new cuisine that's authentic to its country.
Gem :-)

carolhehe said...

Where I live we are lucky to get mediocore mexican food. I do eat alot of cabbage though. I am not crazy to eat alot of potatoes because they make me fat!!!! LOL