Thursday, January 29, 2009

a few personal thoughts of mine

I don't believe everything that a psychic says
it's a bit entertaining
everyone is a lil psychic
or psycho in some cases
at the beginning of Sylvia's web class
she talks about her book
all pets go to heaven
some people don't think that animals have souls
sure they do
I watch Shepherd's Chapel
Monday-Friday 5:30am-6:30am here in MI
Pastor Arnold Murray believes
animals go to heaven, too
you can watch him online
if you can't on tv
my question didn't get picked
I wanted to know what happened
to our Trisha's kitten Kpie
he disappeared last August in Gaylord, MI
(that's him New Year's Eve in photo)


garnett109 said...

All souls go to heaven

Missie said...

I'd like to believe that all past pets growing up that have died, are all in heaven.

a corgi said...

I don't know about animals going to heaven, but I can't imagine that there wouldn't be animals in heaven because they are a creation of God; I just don't know how that works

I don't put much belief in psychics though, but that's just my personal opinion :)


Paula said...

Not sure but I hope all animals go to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Trees don't have souls. Does that mean God bans trees from heaven too? God put kitties on heaven for our happiness so why wouldn't they be there waiting for us in heaven to continue our happiness wherever it was left off at? I'll see my kitties! :)

Gerry said...

I dreamed one time that I was riding in a green pasture on my dad's great cowhorse Sorley. I noticed the pasture was down in kind of a big pasture wide hole with walls of dirt all around it. Next I saw myself riding stretched out on a haywagon which was creaking. I did not know quite what the meaning of this dream was until I had a caesarian with my last baby some time later and my heart nearly arrested after the surgery. I interpreted it as the cart that took me into surgery and brought me back and it was in my room that I was riding Sorley in the green pastures of heaven. Both my sister Linda and I have been psychic and have had many dreams of the future, but I never wanted to use this gift to become a psychic although she has done quite a lot of readings in a spiritualist church which have been famous for developing psychic such as the Phoenix oracle, Richard Ireland who I saw perform some astounding feats of mind reading. Gerry