Thursday, January 29, 2009

more web class with Sylvia Browne

If you missed last night's Web Class with Sylvia Browne, we have GREAT NEWS! is offering you another chance to watch every moment of this AMAZING event.Beginning Thursday, January 29th at 7:00am ET, Sylvia's Web Class will be available for you to watch at your convenience on demand at WITH SYLVIA: As a bonus for members, after answering more questions than ever before during the Web Class, Sylvia also took time to answer more of your questions after her Web Class ended. Another 10 minutes of this exclusive, never before seen footage will also be available Thursday morning on If Sylvia did not answer your question during last night's Web Class, make sure you watch the bonus footage!
Registration is now open for Sylvia's next Web Class. JOIN SYLVIA ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009 ON SPIRITNOW.COM. If Sylvia could not answer your question this month, be sure to submit it again for February. Click Here to Register Now and Ask Sylvia a Question.Once again, will be offering you a chance to WIN A PSYCHIC READING WITH SYLVIA BROWNE next month! Click here to register for Sylvia's February Web Class and enter for a chance to win a PRIVATE PSYCHIC READING WITH SYLVIA.The team wants to thank you for being a part of last night's fantastic Web Class with Sylvia Browne. Reserve your spot on Sylvia's February 25th Web Class today!Best Wishes,SpiritNow.comPS. If you missed it, click here to find out who won the PRIVATE PSYCHIC READING WITH SYLVIA! Remember you can be next month's winner. Click Here to Win A Psychic Reading During Sylvia's February 25th Web Class!

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I don't watch that stuff