Saturday, August 15, 2015

Old School Haus

old school haus
located about a mile down from
Salems Church
from my previous post
they just cut the grass
my John caught the ghost
of the school teacher...



Hey, I think that school teacher is pretty cute!

Jon said...

A fantastic old building and looks like it's in pretty good shape. I love that slim chimney.

The ghost looks in pretty good shape, too.

Paula said...

Interesting! Do they ever have church or a funeral maybe in it?

betty said...

Lots of history in there I am sure! Looks like a cool building to explore.


jack69 said...

I see that ghost!!!! Oh the stories of the boys and girls who studied in these walls. They would fill books. I love the tall thin chimney.
I enjoy seeing these old buildings and just trying to imagine the activity here in the past, now just a memorial to it's own past.